Monthly Archives: October 2011

Snow Stuff

Woke up yesterday to a record snowfall in Virginia for this time of year.

Right away, I went tromping around outside in my pajamas, naturally.


Snapshots from Virginia

I survived my first week in Virginia and even better,

made it through the first week at my job.

It goes without saying, Virginia is beautiful. And clean.

Below are a few snapshots I’ve taken on my phone.


Ride-out with my new pal, Lily.

The Office

Deer. Grazing outside the office.

The view from my bedroom this morning.


Jen & Allen’s Anniversary

I was honored that my long-time friend/advisor/adopted big-sis/horse buddy Jennifer asked me to shoot photos of her and husband Allen for their four year anniversary.  Allen was a trooper and Jennifer looked so beautiful.

These are a few of my favorites.

We excused Allen, and Jen and I spent some time with the horses.

Nelson says “cheeeeese.”

Buddy says “hi.”

And one more for the Christmas card…

Thanks Jen & Allen for letting me capture the memories.