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LVLog – “Chatting”

You guys! In July I announced down at Chattahoochee Hills and the course designer, Hugh, and the organizer, JJ, were kind enough to sit down with me before the competitor party and chat about AEC and hosting a horse trials in the summer time in Georgia. We were all glistening from heat, and obviously my video camera skills are less than perfect. So it goes. Enjoy!



…is pretty sweet. Last weekend, I took my first trip to the Green Mountain State and fell completely in love with the mountains, trees, and quaint villages in the valleys. Rivers and streams lined the winding roads and not a single billboard would be found once we crossed over the border…The air. The air was so fresh, crisp, clean, and delicious. I wanted to bottle it up and bring it home with me. Despite all the vegetation, I didn’t sneeze once. Immediately on return to ol’ NOVA, I can’t stop the sniffles…As we drove around, taking the long routes so I could see more, I kept repeating myself. There is just something about this place. The feeling, the people, the view. What a wonderful hidden haven where to grow up, to visit, to retire. I haven’t traveled so much in my life as I would like. There are so many wonderful places to see and adore. Virginia was a good start, Vermont a wonderful follow-up. Maybe Venice next?