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All the Bambies

It has just started lightly snowing again. I looked out the window to see a small herd of deer moving between the fields, so I quietly opened the front door and snapped a few photos from the porch.

_DSC6254 copy

_DSC6255 copy

_DSC6260 copy

_DSC6262 copy

_DSC6265 copy

I love where I live. It’s unbelievably beautiful all the time.


Polar Willow!

I don’t need to tell you it’s cold outside. I’ve woken up to more zero degree mornings in the last several weeks than I know what to do with. I’m a regular reader of Kate Erickson’s blog, and ever since she posted photos of her and her buckskin pony galloping through the snow drifts, I’ve been dying to do that myself! This week was the first time the snow was “drifty” enough. And we even had some sunshine!


Cortney was very sweet to follow the pony and me out to the field with my camera and take these pictures. We stayed in a field where I knew there weren’t any hidden roots, ruts, holes, or rocks. And considering it was still in the single digits, I removed one of the pony’s layers but left her still plenty bundled. I had no intention of staying out long enough for her to start sweating.


We had so. much. fun.




We got in three good turns around the field. The pony humored me, but let me know when she’d had quite enough. When I said “let’s go again!” she started bucking instead.


This is right about the time she spooked at Cortney hard to to the left and I nearly came off, laughing the whole way.

Yay Pony! I hope we get to do that again!



Friendly and Soot are Bestest Friends!!

Welcome Soot!

After sharing menagerie photos yesterday, my mom fussed that I did not include anything about the newest member of the menagerie, Soot!

photo 3(1)

Soot had been at the local shelter since last March. He’s as sweet as can be and very sociable at all the adoption events, but for whatever reason, he just couldn’t get placed. Mom’s boyfriend felt pity and and told mom to go get him and bring him home, that eventually he can go West and be Gracie’s companion.

photo 2(1)

But when mom brought Soot home (his original name was Inky or something. Soot is much better) he bonded instantly with Friendly. They are about the same age, play fiercely and cuddle all day, and mom just couldn’t bear to separate them.

And so Soot joined the Threlkeld Menagerie.

That’s six cats, now. Six.

photo 1(1)


One Big Happy

One of the pages on this blog is title “The Menagerie,” introducing all the animals that we have owned, past and present. It does not include all the animals that have actually moved through our home as fosters. For that, I’d have to write a book.

Though I am surrounded by silly dogs, an opinionated barn cat, and several horses every day on the farm in Virginia, I love snuggling with the Menagerie back home in Georgia, no matter how much it makes me sneeze. This holiday season was packed with puppy love and kitty cats.


Batshit – happily licking a plastic bag. Oh to spend an hour in her head.


My aunt and uncle have two young Goldens. This is Cosmo.


We bonded.


No! My human! She’s going to pet ME!


My little brother’s Weimaraner, Rip.


Two of the newer members of the Menagerie – Friendly and Annie.


Itty Bitty!


Itty Bitty in a bowl!


The oldest members of the Menagerie – sisters Joan and Jenny.


Zebbie’s kitty Jem says “Stahp!”


Mr. Mel. The barn cat. He’s always glad when we get back because he gets to come inside a dog-free zone.

Because Fireworks!

I have decided to not start the year with a post about reflections and goals. I decided to begin with fireworks. Because fireworks are a great way to begin.


On New Years Eve, we went to a friend’s house, enjoyed a lovely candlelight dinner, followed by a bonfire, smores, and fireworks, of course.


On New Years Day, we ate waffles and watched movies. All Day.


It was a great way to ring in the New Year, and we feel very fortunate to have many fabulous friends with which to share these moments.


Best wishes for a great year!

Yes, yes. The Year of the Horse.