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Three Days Three Ways 2010 Photo Essay

My good friend Courtney, author of Three Days Three Ways, asked me to contribute some photos in retrospect of 2010 Eventing.  It was hard, but I managed to pick out some of my favorite cross-country photos from various events this year.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some images with your audience, Courtney!

Looking Back at 2010 with Photographer Leslie Threlkeld


Interview with Frank Lewis

Interview with Frank Lewis of Frank Lewis Racing – by Leslie Threlkeld

Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm called and asked if I’d be willing to accompany her on a road trip to drop a horse off at a track in Illinois. I brought my camera and notebook along, as well as several shots of 5-Hour Energy Drinks to keep us awake as we drove through the mountains in the dark. After a fairly long drive through the night, we met up with trainer Frank Lewis, who trains and races both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. After spending some time stretching our legs and perusing through the barns getting to know his sweet horses, Frank taught me a few things about the differences racing Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. (left: Sweet filly Faith was one of my favorite horses in Frank’s string.  We bonded.)

Go Ahead, Make My Latte

“Given enough coffee, I could rule the world.” -Author Unknown

I’m a coffee snob, and latte art is my specialty.  I’ve been learning new designs since my first coffee shop job in high school.   I was recently voted Best Barista in Birmingham on the 2010 Menu of Menus.

Latte art takes time to perfect.  It all starts with a simple heart.

…and grows from there.

Never sacrifice taste for appearance.  It should taste as good as it looks.

I love being creative at work.

K, bye!


Printing Samples

I have been busy attempting to populate my Smugmug account with various photo galleries.  I had also sent off for my first prints with the company to see how they turned out.  Zeb Fry got an 8×12 of Werner Geven and More Cowbell at Chattahoochee last month, and I also got a set of postcards with Mable’s pretty face on it.  They all turned out looking great, and I’m really excited about the prints and products I can now provide.

Go check out some of the cool stuff you can get.