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Riding Double

Boyfriend joined us on our ride today!



Willow Ears!

Willow has been here for just over a week, and we’ve already had lots of great adventures!






Yay Pony!

Willow Pony made it to Virginia! Hooray!


Back in mid-June, my friend Amy posted on Facecrack “anyone want to lease a pony?” I anxiously asked her if she meant my old friend the Willow pony…

Five-ish years ago, I broke Amy’s two young Appaloosa horses, Willow and Franklin. I simply adored Willow… she’s 14.2, fancy, and very clever. Within a few weeks under saddle, she was jumping little fences, and not long after that we took her to her first show at Poplar Place, where she won blue ribbons in all her classes, despite screaming her way through her dressage test.

I tried to buy Willow, but Amy wouldn’t sell her, which was smart considering I was a self-absorbed dumb college kid, and Willow is pretty much one in a million.


It took some time to sort out the logistics, but the perfect opportunity finally presented itself. I flew down to Georgia this past Friday, and on Saturday mom and I picked her up and drove her to Southern Pines, NC, where we met Kate, who had gone to NC for the weekend to pick up a carriage. Willow spent the night in a cozy stall, and the next morning we finished the trip to Middleburg.


Little Miss Willow was so good the whole way. She loaded well on our strange trailer while her friends stood at the gate and called to her, wondering where she was going. She was lovely to haul, she never moved a muscle, perfectly content to munch hay and look out the window. She made fast friends with handsome Winslow and practically ran onto the trailer on Sunday. That particular leg of the trip took a couple extra hours due to weather and traffic. Once again, she was perfect.


Upon arriving in Virginia, Willow happily surveyed her new digs – which includes a few cows that occasionally let themselves into various pastures. Coincidentally, Willow came into season seemingly the moment we arrived, which altered our turnout plans for the evening, but she’s an accommodating type and didn’t really protest to getting moved about.

I’m so thrilled to have Willow here with me for the next year or so. I’d always dreamed of having more time with her, and I’m so excited for the adventures in store. I hope to do some hunter/jumper shows, some foxhunting, and of course, lots of eventing. Thank you so much to Amy for letting Willow come to play, thanks to my mom for rearranging her schedule to make the trip on short notice, and to Kate for letting us share the ride.

Yay pony!