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Hot HeatherI house-sat for Mum this weekend while she took off galavanting through the fields with the hounds.  I went for a trail ride with Sue, the first time I’d been on since before Christmas, and boy I paid for it.  When ibuprofen isn’t working, I hear 1cc of banamine does the trick.

My pal Heather also met me for an impromptu photo shoot at Callaway Gardens.  This tractor was conveniently sitting on the beach after hours.  The girl is good, you’ll be seeing more from her in the future.  Click here to see the rest of the gallery.

I had a good time hangin’ with my Sammy and feeding him far too many soft peppermints.  He knocked open an old scab on the inside of his right hind.  It probably didn’t actually need two days of cold-hosing, but it made me feel good to do something for him.  And just sitting with him is what I was really going for anyway.

In case you missed it, the Humane Society of Harris County Benefit Luncheon was last week.  One puppy was adopted off the runway.  Click here to the photos.  This was a challenging shoot; I learned a lot.


Big thanks to my dear friend and horse show companion, Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm, for writing a very nice post on her site about my photos.

Zeb ordered two 8×10’s and a mug after the Poplar Place February event.  I had given my mother a mug with a photo of Joey the Dog for Christmas.  When Zeb saw it, she just had to have one, which makes me super happy!  I really want my customers to not only enjoy the traditional printed and web photos, but also the merchandise offered that recalls not just a moment, but a treasured memory.

Thanks Zebbie!  It’s going to be a big year for both of us!

Writer’s Blob and An Armadillo

The last few weeks have been a blur.  I finally hit the wall and tonight I’m plagued with Writer’s Blob.  Writer’s Blob is different from writer’s block.  Writer’s block is not knowing how to move forward, kill the blank page, where to go to next.  Writer’s Blob is when the collaborative nerves connecting the working brain and the typing fingers become damaged from excessive creative collaborativeness.  As a result, the non-efficient body becomes a pitiful blob in front of the computer, knowing the work that must be done, but accomplishing nothing but reloading frequently visited pages more often than necessary and obsessively checking email for something more exciting to look at.

You’re thinking: If writer’s blob is the problem, what are doing on the blog?  It’s another symptom of writer’s blob.  Instead of accomplishing important work, said writer crosses stupid useless crap off her list of things to do until a deadline is the only thing left staring her in the face.

……….So, I’ve been meaning to tell everyone about the armadillo Julie Richard’s spotted during one of her showjumping rounds at Poplar Place two weekends ago.

As she approached the gate on her way out of a nice round, she said casually, “there’s an armadillo on course between 8a&b.”

….good eye….

The TD said something about having never seen an armadillo up close…He must not be from around here…This wasn’t my first encounter with Poplar Place armadillos.  When I was a working student, Sam and I were hacking the perimeter when a tiny armored family emerged from the bushes and rambled after us.  It was all I could do to make my weirdo pony trot away instead of turning to say hi, which he desperately wanted to do.

Anyway, who knows how long the armadillo was on the showjumping course, grazing and flicking his ears about above the grass line.  He reluctantly retreated to the trees as I shooed him off course.  Once he realized I was too big and clumsy to follow him any further, he turned and stared at me hard, as if he knew I couldn’t guard the grass between fences 8a&b all day.

I’ll see everyone at Poplar Place this weekend.  Looks like we’re in for another cold one.

Updates and Friendly Reminders

The hardest part about maintaining a blog is I can’t bring myself to add personal content unless I feel sufficiently caught up with the rest of my work.  For the moment, I’m not ahead of schedule, but I’m not behind either.

Poplar Place was cold!  The pipes froze in the barn Sunday morning, and they delayed the start of cross-country while riders lugged buckets of water from the heated restrooms.  Besides the weather, which fortunately didn’t include rain, the show was relatively uneventful.  Through lucky circumstance, I ended up standing in as the show photographer.  I had to make a few quick changes, but I’m pleased to have gotten some orders, and hopefully good feedback.  Check out the photos here. I’m pleased how they turned out considering how difficult it can be to accommodate the winter sunlight.

Sadly, I did have to go after one rider for stealing some of her images from my site, removing my watermark and posting the images on Facebook.  I don’t know how to stress enough in order to get the point across that this is an illegal act.  It’s called copyright infringement.  I’ve explained it before, so read about it here.

I won’t treat people like children and scold you to make you mind.  The bottom line is, if I know you are capable of stealing my photos then I’m happy to take a coffee break during your rides.

I try to meet everyone’s needs and I really want people to be able to enjoy their pictures.  I offer affordable prints and instant downloads.  Low-resolution downloads intended for web use (like Facebook, websites and blogs) are $5.  Just $5.


5 Junior bacon cheeseburgers.

1 footlong.


I’ve considered sorting and posting competition photos from 2010, mostly from Chattahoochee Hills and Poplar Place, but I’m not sure how eager folks are to purchase back images.  So if you’re looking, just let me know and I can open up a special gallery for individuals.