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Some Favorites: Meg’s Family Photoshoot

Morgan Family-0448-web

Do they belong in a catalog or what?

I was incredibly honored to be asked to photograph Meg and her beautiful family a few weeks ago.

Morgan Family-0469-web


I’ve known Meg since our days at Wood’n Horse Stables. She is now a wife, a mother, and has just moved to an incredible barn. I’m so happy for her!

Meg and Boss-0032-BW-web

One of my new personal favorites of my entire collection.

We started off with Meg and her horse Boss, who was very well behaved and photogenic! I have to thank my mom for being my “ears” expert. It was great to have her along to watch me work.

Meg and Boss-0056-web

Meg herself was fascinating. Even when her hair was blowing crazy in the wind, she looked like a model. All of her photos were stunning.

Meg and Boss-0085-web

So. Pretty.

Meg and Tommy’s daughter, Maggie, is an absolute doll.

Morgan Family-0151-web

Maggie loves to look for mushrooms (and pick them, not eat them). That was a great activity for her to do, and I was very impressed that a not-yet 2-year-old could follow instructions like “put it in your right hand.” What a smart girl!

Morgan Family-0316

Somewhat unconventional as a portrait, but my favorite of the bunch. Very Andrew Wyeth.

I have to give a shout-out to Tommy, who was such a good participator! Sometimes it can take some work to get husbands engaged in a photoshoot, but Tommy rocked. He had a great attitude and “followed” his family around, standing in just the right spot all the time, smiling adoringly.

Morgan Family-0212-web

We started to lose Maggie after about a half hour, so she was cut loose and decided on her own to climb the fence, which resulted in some great shots! I love how the unplanned moments are often the best.

Morgan Family-0408-web

This was not a posed shot! Completely natural.

Thank you to Meg and her lovely family. We had great fun and I hope to work with them again!

Morgan Family-0380-web


Little Kentucky Farm Fall Photoshoots

LKF Howie-2_web

Currently for sale: Playitagain Howie, a four-year-old Thoroughbred after my own heart.

I feel very fortunate to have been the unofficial official photographer of Little Kentucky Farm for several years. Owner Zeb Fry and I always have a good time working together with the horses to capture special moments on camera. Our goal is always to make sure the horse’s personality comes across in the pictures.



Most of Zeb’s sale horses are quality Thoroughbred ex-racehorses, but one of our earliest shoots together was for Stella Luna, a stunning Trakehner mare we would have much rather kept for ourselves than sold. This mare was unbelievable on camera and remains one of my favorite photoshoots ever.

LKF Louie-0812-web

Leslie and Louie!

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get to ride one of Zeb’s horses. This is me on Louie, who’s registered name is Eor the Terrific. How amazing is that? He does have pretty incredible ears. Click the link on his name to see his pedigree, which is full of distance influence.

LKF Louie-0825-web

Currently for sale: Louie has a lovely, easy canter.

I’ve always loved bringing along young horses. There is so much gratification when they learn, making it almost impossible to have a dull ride. I’m so impressed with Louie. He’s an old soul, and at three years old he behaves like a veteran. I’d sure like to ride him again myself, but I’d feel comfortable putting my mom on his back and sending them out into the hunt field. This horse will be able to take his rider wherever he or she wants to go.

LKF Louie-0828-web

Kramer, Leslie, and Louie

Check out the gallery below for a couple of my favorite photos from Howie and Louie’s shoots last weekend as well as LKF sale horse Cruz Control’s photoshoot earlier this year, and make sure to visit for more information on these three horses. If you want photos of your own sale horses, contact me at!