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Short and Sweet

Work is awesome. Srsly enjoying all things horses.

Virginia – Also awesome. Srsly enjoying…well…almost all things horses.

Pilates – I can sit up straight and it isn’t uncomfortable!  Plus, no shin splints. Hooray!

Zombies – I played one in a movie last weekend. Out until the sun came up. Bought coffee at the Shell covered in fake blood and kept a complete straight face. I’m not allowed to post any pics though, sorry.

Most important –



Look, My Boy!!

It’s taking forever to unpack all my boxes.  I keep finding photo albums, letters, books, and videos to peruse as I go.  One discovered treasure is a video of me and Sam competing Novice in 2005.  Palmer kindly gave me permission to upload and share it.

Just prior to this competition, Sam had been going through a snarky phase on cross-country – a stop, rear, and spin phase, actually.  This show was a huge triumph for us, as we ended up winning the division, leading the whole way on our dressage score of 29.  It was the Midsouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Sam and I had been placed on a team, but we were not expected to finish.


Sam was so fit and strong – he looks smashing in his dressage test.  The second half is better than the first, as he tends to dive onto the forehand.  The trot serpentine and transitions picked him up, and he has some super nice moments.  The canter could have used a bit more “oomph,” but my boy’s got a free walk that could kill.

I’ll mention briefly my wretched leg position on the flat.  My right leg is all jacked up, and my stirrups could have been three holes longer.  Ugh.

The footing on cross-country was wet and torn up, so I let him pick a pace, tried to focus on keeping him balanced in the turns, and gave him regular, significant reminders to not be an ass.  He gets a bit close on a few (and my shoulders fall forward on a few), but he was going, happily.  At the end, we were so well up on the time that I did several circles.  I’m plenty aware of the appropriate Novice level pace, but he was comfortable at his quick little clip – I did not want to disrupt him.

There is nothing like crossing the finish line to an outburst of cheers.  When Mom appeared she was crying, as usual.  The show jumping didn’t get filmed for some reason, but he had a fine round.  He clipped the last fence pretty hard, and we were only leading by 0.5.  It bounced, but it stayed up.

I’m loving finding these videos and watching our progression over the years.  Sam is scheduled to arrive in Virginia in March.  I can’t wait to have my boy back!

Published Photos

I’ve had two new ‘cover photos’ published!  Woohoo!

The USEF 2012 Rulebook was a surprise to me.  That’s Amy Barrington and Gallerone on their way to a win at the 2011 AEC.  Get a copy of the rule book at the USEA Store.

I LOVE the new USEA Member Cards.  I’ve known about this one for a while, but I had to keep it a secret until they were mailed out.  So pretty!

Both of these products were designed by the amazing Dara Bailey.

Beautiful Virginia

The Blue Ridge Mountains Skyline Drive – Shenandoah National Park