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The Willow Show Part III!

Here it is! The Willow Show Part III! (For an explanation, see this post)



We’ve had some amazing sunsets on the farm lately. Just thought I’d share a few.





The Willow Show Continues!

Seven years ago, there was The Willow Show Part I.

A month ago, there was The Willow Show Part II.

Today The Willow Show continued! But I’m still working on getting the video off of the camera…

Caroline and I packed up our two greenies and went to the Morningside Training Farm Schooling Show. She took her guy Beginner Novice, and I took Willow Intro level.


Check out my cape!

Coincidentally, my last real combined test was seven years ago with Willow at Intro level. It’s fun how it all came full circle.

Willow was such a star. She loaded politely at 6:15 this morning, took in all the sights of the new venue without trouble, and fully exceeded my expectations in every way. She stayed in the ring and jumped all the fences. On top of that she was relaxed, obedient, curious, and cute as sh*t!

I’m so so grateful to Amy for the opportunity to have Willow with me in Virginia. We’re having SO MUCH FUN!

Oh, and I got my trailer! I finally have my very own rig, so I can take myself wherever I want to go whenever I want to go there! Wahoo!