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Cortney and I went and did this fun thing called Run for Your Lives, a Zombie infested 5K, a couple of weeks ago. My cousin, Natalie, ran in one a couple years ago and I thought it sounded so neat. Not to run, but to be a zombie. People dressed as zombies are scattered throughout the course trying to “kill” the runners as they pass, grabbing the flags they wear on a belt. I tried to sign up two years ago, but the zombie group sells out really quickly. This year, I signed us up for the October event in Maryland sometime in the early spring.


Being a zombie is what you may expect.. wear clothes you don’t mind them ripping to shreds and expect to get slathered in fake blood and growl and stumble about all day. It’s fun! I wore a Mental Floss shirt that had some holes in it already, plus I thought it would be funny for a zombie to love math… I did get some laughs out of a few runners! They did shred the heck out of my shirt, to the point I had to pin a bit of it so that I wasn’t flashing my undergarments all day. We wore old shoes, too, thankfully. Which we ended up throwing in the onsite donation bin. And the clothes went straight into the garbage. It was a fun time and a different sort of weekend. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


Zombie Luv


Ponies and Rainbows

Perfect! Heehee.

I’m finally getting a couple of days off, and it’s been raining for two days straight. Which means Cortney and I are spending our rare simultaneous days at home lazing around the house, which isn’t so bad. Though I’d rather be outside riding that pony and kickin’ it on my new bike!

Meanwhile. We had a BBQ here Wednesday evening, and this lovely rainbow appeared at sunset. You could see the whole thing all the way across the sky, right over top of the property.


Miss Pony has been doing really well. We’re both feeling a bit stronger every day. We’re starting to switch up our days with some straight flatwork and some trot/canter sets in the fields. I’m trying to ride bareback some, too, which we both seem to enjoy. “It feels very natural,” says the Indian girl with her spotted pony.

Earlier this week we were having a delightful morning ride. I had decided to go into work a couple hours late so I could get a ride in (the light is changing quickly!) and a couple errands that desperately needed to be run. Pony was boldly crossing all the creeks and traversing the terrain on the trails without a second thought. She was moving really well on a long rein with a light contact, maintaining a good pace and balancing herself really well up and down the hills. And I wasn’t flopping about too badly in the saddle, which is to be considered a marked improvement. Modoc and Vicar had joined us, the crispy morning air was just right, and everything felt really relaxed and happy. Just a nice ride.

We crossed another creek and I thought we might have a little canter through the next field. We started off, topped the hill, and met face to face with the Piedmont hounds! Oh dear. I don’t think Pony has ever seen a hunt, and surely never one as large as those in this area, and there were at least 30 dogs trotting about. She was so. good. Appropriately aware and a little “wtf?” but there was no bolting, snorting, spooking, freezing. It was such a nice surprise.

I greeted the whip, who happens to be the same my mom used to hunt with in Georgia and moved to this area a year or so ago. He scolded me for “disturbing the foxes” but as it happens, none of the riders around us knew the hunt was coming to our area that day. Our neighbor had turned her flighty event horses out and I met another trainer in the field on the way home. “I’m just trying to get away from them!” she said as we trotted together towards home. It was a mess. But. The pony was so. good. We were even invited by the field to join them. I don’t know if they were serious, and I surely wasn’t dressed for the occasion, but it was tempting. By the time we got back to the barn, Pony was relaxed and happy on a long rein, and the dog had made their way back unscathed (in fact, THEY bolted back to the barn at the site of the hounds. Did I mention how good Pony was?)

So I had logged on to today to show you this video of me and Pony. We’ve jumped some little logs on the trails and a lone crossrail in the ring and she’s been super. Last week Cortney rode his bike while I rode the Pony. We had a nice canter in the field and then I turned her for this little grassy area with a random selection of coops. She wasn’t so relaxed for some reason and wasn’t very focused. She stopped on my three times before I finally decided to ride and she finally decided to play! So it was a good exercise for both of us. She’s quite the little jumper, even over these tinies. And we clearly need more strength and balance, but it was fun anyhow! Please excuse the pathetic rider on her back. I need to lose a stone or so and start riding my bike more.