Monthly Archives: July 2012

Music In Style

I interned for Mental Floss years ago, and while I don’t have too much time to read their magazines while trying to produce my own, I do subscribe to the daily Watercooler Ammo. Today’s was a gem:

“I’ve only just learned about photographer James Mollison, but I’m already a huge fan of his thought-provoking work…my favorite of his works is The Disciples -portraits of fans who gather and create a culture around various rock artists.”

I looked, and I loved! Click here and check out the photos, then be sure to watch the video projection that pans over the photo as the relative artists’ music plays. It’s chilling in a weird sudden clarity Clarence kind of way. I think the Spice Girls one is my favorite.

If you can take it, look at the Where Children Sleep Album. Not as entertaining, but just as eye-opening.


First LVLog

Hello! So I disappeared for a while… you probably didn’t notice. Between losing power for nearly a week, dealing with Sam and his shenanigans, and pushing two issues out the door in record time just before the plumbing at my house went kaput, things have been bananas!

This past weekend I went down to Chattahoochee Hills and announced on cross-country both days. I finished fairly early one day so I went back out to kick around cross-country and get some photos for the Eventing USA AEC preview, test a cross-country iPhone application, and create an impromptu vlog to show off my fave new feature on the Beginner Novice through Training courses. There are some kinks in the vid, I know… for instance… now I know to keep the camera landscape… and something, I’m not sure what, happened to the frame rate during rendering… but you get the idea.

Team Wallace posted a helmet cam of the course featuring the new galloping lane. It’s looks way cooler on horseback!

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

It’s my sweet, sweet, handsome Sammy’s birthday!! My boy is 14 years old today and is as handsome and wonderful as ever.

We’ve been through an awful lot together, and sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out with his high maintenance health, but I love him to pieces. Waking up and seeing his sweet face outside my window every day is the best thing. Happy birthday my sweet Sam (yes, July 4 is tomorrow, and that may or may not be why he is called Sam). I hope we have many many more happy years together.