Monthly Archives: March 2013

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Have you ever been in a really good relationship with the person of your dreams, but there is that one niggling irritant that is so frustrating you want to throw in the towel just to be rid of the problem? Like spaghetti is your favorite thing ever, but they’re allergic to wheat. And tomatoes. And cheese.

For years, I’ve thought Sam had a “tendency to hang on the right rein.” But he doesn’t.

I do.

And the moment I figured that out while hacking up and down the hills last weekend, I knew it would be a really, really annoying habit to break.

All those exercises in trying to get him to “let go.” The constant leg yielding, the trying to “throw him away” only to have him (as he is so trained) follow the bit right down to the ground.

I have to thank my friend Katy, who rode Sam for me while I was out of town two weeks ago. When I returned Sam and I went for a short walk, and I marveled at how straight and even he felt. “I wonder what she did to fix it!” Ten minutes later, there he goes hanging on the right rein, and I started to get really, really annoyed. Then I looked down and noticed my right hand was painfully closer to my body than the left.. and I thought to myself both “Shit!” and “Whew.”

It’s tough to admit to being the cause of the problem, but it’s relieving to know that I now know how to fix it.

The last several rides have consisted in me physically forcing myself to hold my right hand more forward and resist “grabbing” at the right rein to correct Sam when he starts searching for that crutch. When he finds his new balance, boy oh boy he feels straight and forward and AWESOME.

So I’m sorry Sam, for blaming you for burning the toast when I’m the one that rigged the toaster. Why didn’t you say something sooner?