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Dragons! This thing I made..

Because I was making it as a gift, I had to wait until it was gifted to show it off.

I finally finished painting the dragon! Rawr!

I found the before photo! Here is the dragon still in pieces and primed.


I didn’t keep great track, but I probably put 20ish hours into it total.


It’s technically a Warhammer “Dreadlord on Black Dragon.” Clearly, this dragon is not black, and there is no dreadlord atop it.

That’s because I don’t follow instructions.


Do you like how I did a fancy photoshoot with the finished product? Me too!



The Window of Frolic

One reason I really wanted to get home from Cincinnati was I really wanted to play in the snow with the pony.

Can we not?

Can we not?

She’s kidding, she loves it.


The “window of frolic” is small here, since our snow does one of two things: it comes down in thick, heavy flakes and melts the same afternoon, or it snows and snows and looks beautiful and fluffy for 24 hours before becoming a multi-layered ice trap. Currently, there is some powdery stuff on top, a thick layer of crunch, followed by a slippery foundation of ice. And then mud.


I caught the tail end of the window of frolic, but we were past the ability to run and play, so we just crunched around and spooked at deer (also, the neighbor’s Great Pyrenees look much less trustworthy when camouflaged) for 20 minutes or so before meandering towards the road for a hack.

Winter = Roadwork

Winter = Roadwork

So now we transition into the “season of roadwork” until, I dunno, March maybe.

First Snow

I finally, finally, finally made it back home to Virginia from my third USEA Annual Meeting and Convention (check out all our coverage here) – this time in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a weird trend that it always snows in whatever city the Convention happens to be in (including New Orleans!) and this year was no different.

Due to weather and air traffic jams all over the country, our first flight home on Sunday was cancelled. Our next flight on Monday got repeatedly delayed also until it was finally cancelled. We had the foresight, however, to book ourselves on the later direct flight (we’d already been in the airport for 5 hours, what was the harm in waiting another 3), and that worked out in our favor.

When we got back to D.C., most everyone else had a ride home. Scott and I took a taxi to the office, knocked a lot of snow and ice out of the way, and drove our 2wd vehicles we had parked there carefully back to our farms. I rolled in around midnight, cuddled up in bed, and woke up to some serious snow fall!


OK. It’s not that serious. But it is really beautiful! The office is closed today, so I’m working at home. When the flakes slow down I’ll have to take that pony out for a frolic.




I just love seeing these faces in the morning! I bet that Pony has never seen snow like this. (I stand corrected! Pony was born in North Dakota. This is cake!)

This farm is so pretty, especially when it snows. Here is a post I did two years ago, my first winter in Virginia.

And here is Mr. Sam and Harold in the snow last year!

samharold samharold2

And I really love this photo of Modoc last year.


I love the snow. To me, it’s very calming and ethereal. Though I wish I’d bought some snow boots when I had the chance!