Monthly Archives: April 2013

Summer Vibes

No, it’s not summer yet, but two weeks ago there was snow on the ground and yesterday it was 85 degrees. I’m hoping we don’t skip spring all together. I’m just not ready for 100 degree days…My summer skin hasn’t grown in. I’m not in love with summer like most folks from where I grew up, cursing the cold and begging for the beach. Thankfully, the summers in Virginia don’t even compare to the heat and humidity we have 9 months out of the year in Georgia/Alabama. At least here we have a season that somewhat resembles winter. And I like winter. I was a winter baby, apparently born on the coldest day of the year in RI. And I love snow. It makes me think of a blank canvas just waiting to be painted.

Despite my love affair with winter weather (which mom says doesn’t come from her genes) there are a few things I look forward to as it starts to warm up.

Farmers Markets: You can generally find a farmer’s market somewhere in the area mostly year round, but in spring and summer, there are at least three awesome markets within 20 minutes of my home, and each one is chock full of awesome produce, homemade beverages, good meats (like, no hormones and other gross stuff), plus all kinds of cool artisan work and little trinkets.

Canoeing: Other than being at the barn, there isn’t a much better way to spend a day than floating down the river in a canoe with a big cooler of PBR, a couple fishing poles, and good people.

Fresh Air: Open all the windows!

Porches: I may not be Southern in spirit, but I do love porch season! I have a hammock too, great for afternoon napping or catching up on reading. Or starting to read but end up napping. This year I plan to clean up old Smokey and do some grilling, too. Plus, the view from my place is pretty grand – horses and mountains.

Tomatoes: I never really liked raw tomato before I moved here, but Kate has the. best. tomatoes. I moved in right at the end of tomato season in 2011, and she had all these colorful, different sized tomatoes on the window sill above the sink. Now I really look forward to tomato season. Last year we’d sit in the garden and snack on cherry tomatoes and basil leaves. If only we had a cheese tree too! I remember walking into the house one day and Kate had just cut a slab of this giant, dark red heirloom tomato and was standing in the kitchen nomming on it raw. She grinned and handed me a bite. It’s like eating steak it’s so meaty and rich.

Horse Shows: There’s always something going on up here. The races have begun. Soon it will be polo and show jumping under the lights at night. I’m not so keen on the social fanfare, but I’ll happily crash a tailgate and watch horses go ’round. Also, horse trials abound.

Long Days: If you need me, I’ll be at the barn. Late.

Sam: I always love my, Sam, of course. But when it gets warm and he sheds his winter coat, he turns the most glorious rich chocolate brown color. I noticed this morning it’s starting to show. Then when it gets really warm, he has faint dapples all over.

So, so long winter. It’s been swell. Now it’s time to pack away the hair dryer, dig out all my loose cotton tees, and vault into summer. I hope, anyway. The weather up here is so touchy.