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Fey’s Birthday Pictures


Finally, FINALLY. I’ve had this girl since mid-June and it took me this long to take reasonable photos of her. But, I really think she’s blossomed in the last several weeks, so the timing was right for her glamour shots. She also had her fourth birthday on August 31. But I’m a bad mom and totally forgot to make her a cake.


This is not an ideal conformation shot (above) because she’s parked out all silly with her right hind, but I think she looks just gorgeous anyway. She has such a lovely long neck and great proportions. But then again I’m biased.


I think Fey has a very distinct eye and facial structures that remind me of Sam and Camden (Cor Magnifique, Fey’s sire) and all the others from the Gosch clan… intelligent and wise. She’s an old soul.


Fey loved having her own photoshoot and posed nicely for the camera when she wasn’t getting snuggles from Katie.


I remember reading her story and watching a video of her when she was born. It’s crazy to think she’s with me now. She’s so friendly and a joy to have around. I think she’s going to be a wonderful mom!



Welcome Cor de Fe!

No matter how many years go by, no matter how many times I’ve been told “it’s different when they’re your own,” I’ve never wanted children. But ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve wanted to breed event horses. Fast forward many years, and I finally had the opportunity.

Cor de Fe is a miracle baby bred by Elisa Wallace, another student of Mrs. Gosch’s, who owns Camden (Cor Magnifique), the last living stallion from her program. Camden is like the quintessential combination of all Mrs. G’s years of breeding. He is by Boc and out of Cor de Rose, who is by Mrs. Gosch’s other foundation stallion, Johnny Can Hop. Fey’s mother is Leap of Faith (Malthus x Marty My Love), a Holsteiner/TB mare that Elisa competed to the three-star level. Fey is her first filly.

Baby Fey!

I’ve been keeping an eye on Camden and his kids for many years. I remember when Fey’s birth was announced on Elisa’s website. I checked regularly for updates on the little red filly, but there were none. Then one day last year I connected with Elisa at a horse trials. She told me Fey had sustained a hock injury in the pasture that would prevent her from being a performance horse, but she would likely make a lovely broodmare.

And I picked her up last weekend. 🙂



Fey is a delight. She is incredibly sweet and loves to cuddle. She is very curious but very trusting too. She’s all legs and looks a bit like a deer sometimes, yet she is lovely to watch move and is certainly built and bred to jump. She is technically Sam’s niece, as Camden and Sam were half-brothers through Boc. She has that very distinct Boc eye, and her being an elegant, feminine chestnut mare makes me think of Breezy.


Fey is four this year and has some growing left to do. I tentatively plan to breed her in spring 2015, which gives me time to save some coins and research stallions. I have not 100 percent decided which direction to go with a cross… more TB or more Warmblood. But I’m already thinking of names!

I’m excited but not without reservations. This is really scary to undertake! I’m not independently wealthy. There is always the possibility of millions of things that could going wrong. One side of my brain (the practical side) tells me I’m nuts while the other says give it a shot (it will be fun!).

Before making a decision about Fey, I spoke with Denny Emerson. His breeding program also stems from Cormac through Royal Core, the sister of Boc’s dam. He said that I may as well give it a shot now while I have the chance instead of waiting and being disappointed later in life.

So I’m going for it. It’s a big new adventure and we’ll just see what happens.

I told Katie, the barn manager where I board the girls, that it was very exciting but nerve wracking too. She replied, “Good things usually are.” I like that way of thinking. So here’s to new adventures and our newest addition to the menagerie.

Fey and the pony. My girls! They are in love.

Willow and Fey