Some Favorites: Meg’s Family Photoshoot

Morgan Family-0448-web

Do they belong in a catalog or what?

I was incredibly honored to be asked to photograph Meg and her beautiful family a few weeks ago.

Morgan Family-0469-web


I’ve known Meg since our days at Wood’n Horse Stables. She is now a wife, a mother, and has just moved to an incredible barn. I’m so happy for her!

Meg and Boss-0032-BW-web

One of my new personal favorites of my entire collection.

We started off with Meg and her horse Boss, who was very well behaved and photogenic! I have to thank my mom for being my “ears” expert. It was great to have her along to watch me work.

Meg and Boss-0056-web

Meg herself was fascinating. Even when her hair was blowing crazy in the wind, she looked like a model. All of her photos were stunning.

Meg and Boss-0085-web

So. Pretty.

Meg and Tommy’s daughter, Maggie, is an absolute doll.

Morgan Family-0151-web

Maggie loves to look for mushrooms (and pick them, not eat them). That was a great activity for her to do, and I was very impressed that a not-yet 2-year-old could follow instructions like “put it in your right hand.” What a smart girl!

Morgan Family-0316

Somewhat unconventional as a portrait, but my favorite of the bunch. Very Andrew Wyeth.

I have to give a shout-out to Tommy, who was such a good participator! Sometimes it can take some work to get husbands engaged in a photoshoot, but Tommy rocked. He had a great attitude and “followed” his family around, standing in just the right spot all the time, smiling adoringly.

Morgan Family-0212-web

We started to lose Maggie after about a half hour, so she was cut loose and decided on her own to climb the fence, which resulted in some great shots! I love how the unplanned moments are often the best.

Morgan Family-0408-web

This was not a posed shot! Completely natural.

Thank you to Meg and her lovely family. We had great fun and I hope to work with them again!

Morgan Family-0380-web


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