Recognized Debut Postponed

Sadly, mine and Willow’s recognized horse trials debut has been postponed. She suffered a minor injury during a jump school and will have a couple of weeks off work. Luckily, the vet confirmed that all the important structures in her leg (bones, tendons, and ligaments) are in perfect shape. She just knocked herself and has a contusion (bump) that is really sore. I get these all the time when I turn corners too quickly or forget about the locations of heavy furniture in the house.

It took a couple of days to get an appointment with the vet, so it was stressful not knowing what was wrong… that it could be nothing, but it could also be something serious.

I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly happened. She was jumping around really well through a fairly challenging grid exercise. She snaps her knees up to her eyeballs and has discovered she can make the horse strides and really goes for it. We were almost done (it’s always when you’re almost done) and she jumped a little disorganized through, so I turned around to do it once more. We completed the grid, turned the corner, and she started hopping. I got off immediately and she seemed to walk out of it on the way back to the barn. She hadn’t knocked any rails down or hit anything hard enough for me to notice and think “ouch!”, so I was really afraid that she landed badly and strained something. A knot appeared almost immediately and then the swelling creeped up her fetlock and the heat was intense. Compare the photos below (left is the injured left leg, right is the happy right leg) and you can see the difference where there is a bit of “fill” high on the outside of the left fetlock.

20140918-124014.jpg 20140918-124033.jpg

So for the next several days we iced, poulticed, wrapped, and kept her on stall rest, which means we did a lot of this:


The swelling did decrease, but the heat did not. Both Willow and I were thankful that she was cleared to go back outside with her friends and prescribed a few weeks of Previcox and rest.

I’m bummed to have had to withdraw from WindRidge but very relieved that Willow is fine! She’s tough and I’m sure she’ll be ready to get back to work soon. She loves her job, but I’ll have to find her a good pair of boots for jumping from now on!


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