Twinkle Toes

sams foot last

I haven’t spoken of Sam’s foot in a while, not since the wound closed up in June and I quit treating it. A reader asked if I had recent pictures, I just happened to have taken some the other day! The battle has been giving him enough support at his heel while the hoof itself grows back. It was June when I stopped treating it with Equiaid. Here it is December it still doesn’t look totally normal, and it probably never will. But through amazing attentiveness from my farrier, an aggressive supplement regime, and the careful selection and application of specific to the status of the hoof wall oils and hardeners, we have getting-there-healthy feet, read: we don’t walk out of them every day and they don’t feel like butter to drive a nail through. Hooray!

He’s in a balance that I’ve never felt from him before. It seems as though he is moving more freely than I recall from years past and is miles different from how he felt during our first day of attempting trotting on the hills by the farm (sad). We are still being diligent with shoeing, massaging, and oiling, and my farrier has started building a clay hoof wall where he had his injury in order give him a bit more heel, thus more balance. I’m amazed and grateful for all the support!

sams foot first

Sam has extra hoof wall built up on his heel with a clay-type substance. You can kind of see it on the far right.


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